OMG i wrote a sonnet !

If you know me; you know who i wrote this about.
I wrote it for school, but i figured i'd share it. I'm actually proud
that i was able to do this without help. YAY ME.!

Best friends for never.
Best friends forever, was the promise made.
But it was broken, mostly on your part.
We always used to say our friendship wouldn’t fade,
But it did, like an unknown piece of art.
My love for you will never be effaced.
We probably won’t have what we once had.
I just wish our steps could have been retraced;
So I could just see how it all went bad.
When did it happen? And please, tell me how.
Tell me why we were so, so close,
But it is hard for me to see you now.
Now, you treat me like a burnt piece of toast.
Still, I wish we had stayed together;
That we’d never become best friends for never.


  1. Awww Em I love it! Very well written! You are awesome!

  2. Em,
    Your talent for sonnets
    It is truly never ending
    I will ner tire of reading
    Your viewpoints on life.....(I am sure that did not follow any rules for sonnets....but what the heck.) Maybe a haiku or two??!!

  3. that should read "never tire of reading" Maybe I should take a typing lesson or two or three!

  4. OH MY EMMMY. its amazinggg.
    and i know who its about :D
    .... not just because you told me.
    but its totally OBVIOUS.
    anyway. i was on the phone with you when you were writting it ! :D
    HAHA, you DID have help.
    you asked me what rhymes with made, and i said fade. :D

  5. AHHHHHHMAZING! this is like really super duper good, i love it

  6. You are an amazing writer. Please write more!