Super Bowl Sunday

Well you all probably know that i don't like football--or understand it for that matter. Aunt Kelley, Kyle & Steph are here watching it, i'm not really paying much attention though. Because like i've said before, i do not care. I wanted to get on here and write something because i haven't for like two days or so. But it's just gonna be quick because soon i'm sure i'll here something about me being on the computer "all the time" from kel. ( secret : this is my first time being on the computer since my last entry. so yeah) I'm annoyed if you couldn't tell.

I didn't do much today. I just sat and read, and watched a movie with my mom. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow.

math midterm & history tomorrow - woww cant wait.



  1. Hi Em,
    We watched every single second of the Super Bowl. It was an awesome game. The commercials were not that great this year. Just my own personal opinion. Good luck on those LAST TWO EXAMSSSSS!!!!

  2. I was SUPER BOWL SLEEPING! Sorry I couldn't stay up and watch with you! Someday I won't have to get up at 4AM for work anymore!! LUV YOU!