Is it always texts, emails, tweets, and other message forms from social networking sites? Whatever happened to writing letters?
Starting today, I think, In addition to this blog, I will also write down my thoughts in my journal the way that I used to. In recent months it's been harder and harder to keep current with it. (I've had the same journal since the summer before 7th grade) But I think Now I will. I'll write something in it everyday, and I will fill it up. I mean, I filled half of it so theres no point in just abandoning it. Right?
So I guess you could say that I'll now be blogging, and writing in my journal. Because I want to at least keep some things in my life untouched by technology. It's refreshing, I think.



  1. I agree. The written word has much more power.

  2. Glad to see you blogging again. I have enjoyed your recent posts.

  3. I also need to do that as well. I was writing in my Mother's Journal but I have gotten side tracked by blogging, tweeting and everything else!