We've been having way too much fun.

I say way too much, because

  • I haven't even put a dent in my packing for Ocean City and we leave tomorrow
  • Nicole and I stayed up until six in the morning last night, or technically, morning, i don't know.
  • we've been having a lot of caffeine and giggling non stop
This week Nicole stayed at my house for pretty much the whole week. She's been here since Sunday night. Why, you ask? She's been having some trouble at home and needed to take a break. It wasn't any issue, I mean, she can stay here all she wants, she's practically my sister. Except today is her last day here 'cause we're leaving for Ocean City tomorrow, and unfortunately, cannot bring her with us.

So we've been having way too much fun. We got my laptop up and running again and now it works at my house and not just everywhere except my house. We played endless games of Uno on facebook and did really "nutty" things. hahaha.

So today, I have to do some packing (or all) for my trip tomorrow, we're gonna have some dinner, and maybe go get some ice cream because I'm seriously dying for some coffee ice cream on a sugar cone!

So that's all for now, some blogging about Ocean City to come.

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