"Linger" by Maggie Stiefvater

Their eyes, human eyes in wolf skulls, remind me of water: the clear blue of water reflecting the spring sky, the brown of a brook churning with rainfall, the green of the lake in summer as the algae begins to bloom, the gray of a snow-choked river. It used to be only Sam's yellow eyes that watched me from between the rain-soaked birches, but no, I feel the weight of the entire pack's gaze. The weight of things known, things unsaid.
Sam, who spent most of his life as a werewolf, has undergone an unlikely cure and no longer transitions between fur and skin as the temperature changes from cold to hot. This should be a happy time for Sam and true-love Grace, but just as he begins to trust his new human life, Grace feels her humanity slipping away. Sam's focus is split between worry for Grace and his role as caretaker of the werewolf pack, which for the first time in years includes new members.

This book is a wonderful way to continue on the Wolves Of Mercy Falls series, which consists of Shiver, Linger, and next summer, will include Forever. This book, like Shiver, made me feel and made me care about the characters. I wanted to save Grace. I wanted to make Grace's parents understand more, I wanted to be in their place and handle things when I felt they couldn't. And that, in my opinion, is a good book. Maggie Stiefvater is a very talented person. She not only has talent for writing, but she has a talent for art and a talent for music. In the book trailer for "Linger" she basically did everything herself, and it was an amazing trailer. But I'm getting off topic--This is what happens when I love a series the way I love the Wolves Of Mercy Falls. Stiefvater has woven this magnificent tale and I am waiting patiently to devour the third and final book next summer! I can't wait.

If you haven't read Shiver & Linger yet, what are you waiting for? GO!

I gave this book a solid : 5 stars *****

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