Goodbye -

Goodbye -

Because I have to
Because I deserve goodbye and
it's all i've ever gotten-
Because I've never been right about someone-
Because I live blindly, love blindly and
it's never turned out okay-
Because HE said things, and HE did, but HE didn't-
Because I was afraid of him-
but i was never afraid of you
Because you gave me hope and I thought you could love me
Because I thought you were different-
and all i did was think and I still thought wrong-
Because the word "different" doesn't exist-
Because I always think I'll find it-
and it's never, ever there-
Because all I wanted was you for me-
Because you were convincing, I thought you cared-
all the while you kiss HER, touch HER-
Because she doesn't respect herself
Because neither do you-
but i do, which brings me back to


Because no one is different and I don't believe-
Because it always starts with a heart pound
but always ends in heartbreaking-
Because things get in the way and
Because feelings come too quick and
not rushing is close to impossible-
Because I need to learn to trust myself-
Because I can't trust you and
you aren't different-
Because you're a carbon copy of everything I hate-
Because of all the choices you make and
I can't get you out of my mind-
Because I need to say goodbye
Because I said this all before but-
it's hard to break ties-
Because I'm still not sure I can-
Because I still have our texts and
the delete button is haunting me-
Because I fell so fast and then I blinked-
Because I thought I was dreaming-
I guess I was-
Because I think I'm rambling-
Because you're hard to forget and-
I mean it this time-
Because -
Because -
Because Nothing...Goodbye.


Oh hey, i poured my heart out on paper again. that's cool :D

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  1. OMG Heyy
    I'm from the Taylor Swift forum : )
    OMD I love - LOVE - this poem so much!
    Did you really write it?
    It sounds EXACTLY like my current situation! Not less than five days ago I was telling him good bye.
    WOW THAT's retardedly awesome!
    Anyway, nice blog : )