false as fairy tales and faith.

What we had has fizzled out
even though I thought that we
had a real eternal flame.
My eyes are teary but they're
also angry that you don't
think they're beautiful anymore.
And I look back to that night
where I held on to your heart
Or I thought so, I guess not.
When did it all change for you?
Because I am still the same.
Why can't i just let this go?
Because you are so haunting.
It's like your real self just dropped
me, but the you i made up
won't simply leave me alone.
And you just ignore me, but
the feelings just won't turn off.\
No matter how hard I try,
And oh, I've been trying
but it always ends in me
talking to you and getting
caught up in fiction again.
Because that's what we are, we
might as well be characters in your favorite novel,
because your feelings are false.
False as fairy tales and faith,
but my love is real, like rain.
God, I should shut the book on you.

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