oh hello there

it's kinda late but i just felt like talking. :D

I don't know what to call this blog. It's not entirely a book blog, but it's also a blog where i talk to myself and write poems so i don't know what that's called but whatever it's called i'm glad you're reading it and i'm glad that you're sticking with me.
This blog has gone through many reincarnations. Like first i just wrote about my random life and stuff and then i started putting my writing up and then i started reviewing books like last year. so i feel like the older posts are so outdated that if you go back there you'd have no idea that this has turned into a book blog. i also wish i could change my url to Yaylife but i'm pretty sure it's permanent. which really stinks. it usually helps if your blog and url match. you know? i could re-start fresh, but i don't wanna throw away everything and such. I might delete the older posts? What do you think? Maybe you could just not read the old ones? Please? Thanks.
i wanna get more followers, too, by the way. i wanna make a button thing like Reading Teen.

I have a raging cold that's been agitating me since Thursday. it's not fun, reading eases the pain though. :D YAYLIFE.

I'm reading the Carrie Diaries right now, it's pretty good, i'm not really raving about it so far but sometimes that changes and so maybe it'll be like that here. i still can't stop thinking about matched by ally condie. it's amazing. :D

So i'm gonna go now, my space bar on my laptop is acting funky. Darn.



  1. If you wanted to you could buy the "yaylife" domain name, then redirect this feed to that site. That's what I did with Reading Teen. It's really Readingteen.blogspot.com, but I bought Readingteen.net and had blogger redirect to that. Also, if you need help with the button HTML, let me know! I wouldn't worry about your older posts, I don't think anyone will look back that far. :)

  2. I hate it when you read a book and you're still thinking about the last one you read! That happened to me about three times ...