Here you go aunt wendy.

I never blog anymore and for that I apolgogize.

But I'm blogging now so that should count for something.

What can I tell you? I'm just busy trying to be one step ahead of all of my teachers. It's not working out, but I didn't expect it to.

I'm actually working on other projects now. I want to write a book. Like an actual book. And someday, that's going to happen. But before it can happen I've got to get serious about my writing...and I am serious about it. I've been serious about it, only now I'm more serious...I s'pose.

It frustrates me that I won't ever be able to write in the language as Charlotte Bronte did with "Jane Eyre" or write the way the other classic writers did, simply because now it's a different time. It's sort of sad that our language has been dumbed down so much, it's so much different and less beautiful then people used to write. I have a book of love letters that are full of passion and sincerity, and maybe they just seem that way because of the language in which they're written, but either way, beautiful. If they were translated into the way we talk now, I don't think I'd feel the same way.

I also wish I could talk like that to people without seeming weird, and that I could learn to talk that way without it being exceptionally difficult. I really love the way things are described in Jane Eyre and in the book of love letters. There's also a book by a woman that is supposed to be a fictional diary of Charlotte Bronte. It reads just as if Charlotte had actually written it. I love this author for keeping this stuff alive. I've really found a new love for classic literature.

I have a lot of books to read. There's literally an entire pile of books awaiting me on top of the drawers in the living room. It's hard sometimes, to decide between reading some of them, or writing my own things. I feel like I should be writing more, but then again, i really really reallllllllly want to read! I read so much more now than i ever did.

I will leave you with something that I wrote recently about things that I've learned in the past year that I'm sure going to keep with me.

The Best Part
I ponder the past year,
remember all the fear,
take comfort in the fact that it's gone.
Smile as I take a breath and put my white polo on.
So much I've learned about my life
after holding concern, and strife.
I know to look before I leap,
Not to fall too deep,
When someone puts you second,
Don't put them first - It's the end.
To smile even if you're dead inside.
to not let anyone take away your pride.
Smile, don't frown for those you've lost,
to a better place, on they've crossed.
Listening to what is said about you
is something I will never again do.
And those who go on and off with me every day,
can leave, they're no good for me anyway.
Don't let yourself be used..
For homework, for love, what have you.
Have fun, sing loud! Love, Love, Love.
If someone tries to push you down,
Don't give them a shove.
Live your life and don't regret.
It's only the beginning,
The best part isn't here yet.

Take Care of my heart, i've left it with you.

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  1. Emily: Thank you from my heart. I know that the best is yet to come for you. You have a talent for writing. I will be first in line at the Barnes & Noble for an autograph! Love you,
    Aunt Wendy