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"Hold Still" By Nina Lacour

4 Stars

Hold Still

I just finished this book yesterday, I read it in about four days. It's a heartbreaking story of a teenage girl healing after her best friend commits suicide. You'd think it would be dreary and depressing, & it is sometimes...but really, what it did for me was break my heart and then fix it again. It's hopeful, it's beautiful. Definately something I'd read again.

I think that all the good reviews on Good Reads can explain my love for this book more than I could...So check it out!

"Wings" By Aprilynne Pike
4.5 stars

Wings (Wings, #1)

I also recently finished this book, "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike. This is a big change from "Hold Still". It's about faeries, and it spins faeries in a way that you wouldn't expect. It made me smile, it's the perfect balance of danger, romance, and fantasy. When the main character, Laurel, wakes up to see that she has "blossomed", a beautiful story unfolds. This is the first book in a new series about faeries by Aprilynne Pike. I can't wait for the next one!

Again, I can hardly express my love for this book, so read about it on goodreads.com I know you'll love this book.

"The Help" By Kathryn Stockett
5 Stars

The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a big change from "Wings" and a big change from "Hold Still" entirely. This book takes you back to the early 1960's in Jackson, Missisippi, where three women are about to take an extraordinary step. It takes you to a time where prejudice was at it's highest. It's heartbreaking, funny, full of life. It left me breathless at the end. It was like you were really there in the 1960's. The writer of the book is a white woman but channels these African American women perfectly. Perfect dialect, perfect everything. She also incorporated elements from her own experiences with her maid from when she was younger in the book.

I can hardly tell you how much I adored this book .This is also something I would read again and again. You don't even need to read reviews. Just read it. You will love love love love it. I promise. Stunning.

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