How has Taylor changed my life?

Oh, let me count the ways...

Taylor has changed my life by helping me have a more positive outlook on life situations. Like if a guy I like doesn't like me back, all i have to do is pour how i feel onto paper, or into song, and I feel better about the situation. Also, if I'm going through something, Taylor's music always seems to hold some kind of solution. She doesn't know me, but she's helped me pick up the pieces of a lot of heartaches. It's comforting to know, she's been there, too, and she survived...so, so can i. So, here's to Taylor, for essentially being, one of my best friends.

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  1. I actually never thought much about Taylor until I read the lyrics to a few of her songs. Now I have a few on my "pod" and find her quite enjoyable. As a person, she is a sweet, funny and extremey professional where her career is concerned.