In which I will pledge my love for "Bell Jar" and comment on other things.

So I dove face first into "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath, as seen in my "Currently Reading" Section. And I'm not one bit disappointed, the story is so engrossing, yet painfully short. I feel i could add more chapters to it than it has. You know, it only has nineteen, and I'm already almost ten chapters in. I'm not at the point in the book where Esther goes into full-on insanity, but I can't wait to get there because I know that it will be interesting.

As for my status on SR, it's going pretty well--I'm actually almost done. I only have two sections left to read/write journal entries of, and then I'm done! But then...there's the matter of....The dreaded MATH PACKET.

Oh how I've been avoiding the dreaded MATH PACKET. Oh god...I'd better come up with an abbreviation for this one, too...MP = MATH PACKET. which i will NOT be writing out anymore. So this MP is 13 pages long, front & back. I have to show all of my work and it counts as three homework grades on the first day of school. Then we will be taking a test on it, and if I don't do well, I have to get remedial help after school and THEN take the test again.

So it's a great big mess and I'm not looking forward to doing it by myself because I know my mom won't help me because she doesn't understand it as much as I don't understand it.

So yeah, i don't want to talk about it anymore, Okay? Okay.

I'm breaking out pretty bad lately -- I know this is random but I guess as school approaches I get more stressed. I'm breaking out mostly around my forehead and it's not very attractive. So my question would be:

What face wash works the best for you? I use Neutragena, and it doesn't work very well. You know, the orange stuff? It doesn't work very well for me so Vanessa Hudgens is a not only an AWFUL Mimi for "RENT" but a LIAR LIAR PLANTS FOR HIRE.

that'll be all.



P.S. I will be doing a book review for The Bell Jar immediately after I'm finished!

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  1. We use "Purity Made Simple" by Philosophy. It sells on QVC and on Drugstore.com. It is very gentle but really cleans your face. They make a product called "Blemish Therapy" that Mel uses and swears by. It is a powder that you use with a little brush to spot treat or you can apply to your entire face. Talk to Mel about it. I have ordered it twice for her and it lasts a long time.