oh heyyy, poettrraaay

This is a complete distraction from what i should be doing. *cough* summer reading. ;)
I really should be doing something. at least putting a dent in it, but I don't want to.
So instead, i'm listening to old Avril Lavigne songs and typing up this nifty blog post.
That virtually, is pointless. Maybe if I post some writing material it won't be so pointless.
What do you think about that nifty idea?
It doesn't matter what you think about that nifty idea because I was going to do it whether you wanted me to or not!

This one is something that I chose to call :
Vinyl Heart

Plastic and hollow, barren, empty
cold hard vinyl is she
trying to hold onto me
or trying to take my ability to
be happy?

Emotionless, stone-like, opposite
of me, of everyone, her life hasn't
been lit for a long time, I understand it.
Does she think I am the enemy?
Is that it?

Like a doll a child buys from a
store. Completely unbreakable, strong to the core, but
the child throws you to the floor
You won't break, but you'll be sore

You can allow yourself to cry
We won't have to say goodbye and
you'll be porcelain, but so am i
This can't and won't die.

I wrote that back in February about a situation that was very very personal. So personal, in fact, that when I had to write a song/poem for history class, I almost used this, but couldn't because I didn't want to give my history teacher a look that far into my mind.

Because I'm such a nice girl, I'll give you another one!

This one is called:
Lyrics Personified

Blank pages make me panic
the sight of you makes me ecstatic
writing on those pages comes naturally
falling for you happened easily
I go through heartbreak every day
but writing is my safe haven in every way
And so are you, I mean it when I say

You've got an angel's face
that the words I write can't replace
Knowing eyes
that make me breathe soft sighs
You're lyrics personified
Gorgeous lips that never lied


I wrote this in April, about someone who I had feelings for. Of course, I did not feel this way about this person for very long, but the poem is still a good one nonetheless. And who knows, maybe I'll find someone who really is Lyrics Personified.

So that's all I feel like posting right now. And if you're still hungry for more of my snazzy poetry, you can go to the link below and view some of my work.

Teen Ink is not the only place where I will be posting my work. I will post it on here from time to time as well.

Have an awesome week!



  1. Excellent Em! I love your writing and I am looking forward to reading more! Love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I love you.

  3. Very Nice! Can't wait to read more.