2 or three years ago, i would've never thought...

That I'd wear my hair down as frequently as I do, and curly at that. I remember in 7th & 8th grade, I was terrified to take my hair out of a bun or a pony because I thought it'd poof. And then for awhile, I would only wear it down if it was straight.

Now I rarely straighten my hair, I've learned to kind of, live with my curls. Not that I don't like it straight anymore, I think it looks nifty from time to time.

I would've never thought...

that I'd go out in public without makeup on my face.

Which recently, is something that I don't mind doing that much. In Ocean City, I hardly wore makeup even if we weren't going on the beach. It just was a hassle most of the time. And people are always saying how most people just look better without it. And I think that's kind of true. Now, I'm not gonna like, never wear makeup again, but maybe some days, I'll just let it go. You know, who cares?

I would've never thought...

that things would be where they are now, but maybe it's a good thing. Yes, it's a good thing. Because I think I'm becoming a better person every day from experiences. Not to mention, it's helped my poetry a lot.

I would've never thought...

that I would ever just, not care what people think of me.

But I don't. I really just do not care.

Just some random musings.


- Em

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