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Bad Apple by Laura Ruby
3.5 Stars

Bad Apple

This is the story of Tola Riley, narrated by Tola Riley, who in the opening in the book has been accused of having an affair with her art teacher who has inspired her very much as an artist. She's a junior in high school with green hair, a nose ring, and her own kind of attitude, so to begin with, she is an easy target for ridicule. People say things about her being a liar, which you realize as time goes on in the book is just untrue. People also think she's weird because she has an obsession with The Brother's Grimm's fairy tales. The truth is, this girl is just different and maybe way too different for anyone in the book to handle. But I found that as I continued to read, I loved her. She's way too misunderstood by everyone, even her mother and depressed sister.

But back to the art teacher thing. In the beginning of the book, you get no back story. It just throws you into the craziness that Tola is facing from being accused of dating a teacher. You'd think that it would be really sick and something that you'd definitely not want to read, but it's wickedly funny even when it trudges into the darkness. I entered this book not expecting much, and got more than I expected. You get commentary from other characters in every other chapter, which is my favorite part, although I never did figure out if these are things that are being said to reporters or just being narrated. It's also packed with flashbacks so that you get led to the ultimate truth as you get closer to the end. The reason I only gave it three stars was because I don't think that a lot of elements were developed enough, and while it was an entertaining read, it's not something that I'd read over and over, although Tola is someone I wish was real.

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