As you all know, awhile back, Lesbians and Gays were denied the right to marry in the state of California as a result of Proposition 8.

And so, came the NOH8 Campaign, fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians to love and spend their lives with the one they refuse to be without. This organization is very dear to me because of the hard work they've done to get California's attention to this unfair law. I've been a supporter of this organization for a long time now, sending #noh8 tweets, and showing my support with a Twibbon. Many celebrities have also showed their support by taking a NOH8 photo, as shown here.


Kim Kardashian shows her support for the NOH8 campaign.

The always lovely, Cher shows her support for NOH8.

And I even showed my support for NOH8 with this picture that I took & edited myself.


On August 4, 2010, Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional, and everything that the NOH8 campaign has been working for, paid off. When I got this news, I wanted to run to California and hug everyone who made this possible. I'm so happy that they can now be with the one they love without anyone telling them otherwise.

That’s one small step for the LGBT community, but what’s next?

The NOH8 campaign is not to be silenced just because Prop 8 was overruled. Now, they will be campaigning to eliminate hate all around our country. Which will be a challenge, but I believe it’s possible. Even if President Obama STILL opposes it. (one reason why he’s disappointed me)

So this past week has been a joyful week for California, straight and gay alike. Thank you NOH8 campaign!

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