"Wrote Again"

I wrote this after going several months without writing at all, due to a broken heart.
Usually a broken heart would inspire me to write, but at this time, it just terrified me.
So here it is, bask in it's glory.

Wrote Again

I haven't picked up a pen
in over a month and
the last time I wrote, it
was all about you.

My heart filled with regret,
so my pen gained weight and
I lost my nerve to
write one more sentence.

'Cause who wants to read
poems of a broken spirit.
So this is goodbye, for today,
for yesterday, for forever.

Rest assured, my former darling,
these are the last words that my heart will
spill for you, though I won't promise that
I won't cry for you.

You ruined me, just so you know.
But I picked up those pieces and
breathed once again, smiled again.
And it's hard to imagine it

But I will love again.
Oh, and look...
I wrote again.

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1 comment:

  1. I need to write again too, Em. Sometimes it just seems too hard to pick up the pen. You are stunningly talented. I will write today because of this poem. Thank you lovely girl.