It's been awhile since I posted anything personal,

So, here I am. :D

I have a couple books to review, but is it bad that I have no idea how to even describe them to myself? I can't put my thoughts into words. That's how fantastic they were. Especially "Identical" by Ellen Hopkins. It was just WOW. Beautiful, amazing, dsjkkasjksa. I can't even tell you how much I adored that book and I finished it a week ago! I might try to write it later on tonight, but i can't make any promises. I haven't figured out exactly what to say yet.

So, I've been on kind of a reading drought. I had finished Identical, and then I had absolutely nothing to read the whole week. I re-read parts of "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher, (Which I loved!) but that was about it. There are books that I wanted to get that I didn't get a chance to get my hands on yet, like "Recovery Road" by Blake Nelson and "Sing You Home" by Jodi Picoult.

Today I got "Bleeding Violet" by Dia Reeves at the library, I'm excited about that! No more reading drought for me!

In other news, I made a major breakthrough yesterday with getting over a certain someone. There is a life after him, I realized, and I can pick up the pieces of everything I've lost, including myself. Everything will be okay, I firmly believe that now. You're probably lost as to what this is about, but if you need a clue, See the poem "Goodbye", "She Believed" "twelve.ten.ten." "False as Fairy tales and faith,"


"She Believed"


"false as fairytales and faith"

If you've been with me for awhile now, you've already read these, but if you needed a refresher, they're there. (:

Reviewing again soon. xo.


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